Screenplay by Philip Halmarack

About Philip

His literary work often explores close relationships, longing and belonging. After many years working as a therapist and with a varied life history - from meditating in Ashrams as a young man, to entrpreneurism, to being a psychodrama therapist - Philip has now dedicated his life to writing.
His stories go in deep.

His dramatic writing packs a punch; unafraid to explore dark places. He discovers these themes with great sensitivity and wit, with a tendancy to take viewers on a journey they could have never foreseen.

His work is often set in recognisable places and times, but without distinct markers, giving each setting a dreamlike quality of near-reality. He creates his own cultural mythologies, which make perfect sense. We are taken to the locations of lucid dreams, where the world of the extraordinary seeps through the cracks.


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